Long, long time ago, there was a girl living in a small village. Every day she collected the charcoals for sales in a town far away beyond the village, forest and mountain. Many people learned how to choose the shortcut to get to the town for selling the charcoals at a best price. Little girl was always the late comer as she never chose the cutoff.


At times, the travelling Caravans might offer her a free trip, but she never accepted it. Instead, she quite often explored some unique paths by herself. Along the journey, she had seen many vivid scenes: smoke rising from the chimney, shining morning dew, playful birds, innocent kids and frightening beasts, etc., She didn't make the best money out of her sales of charcoals, however, every sunset moment, she enjoyed sharing some stories with those people in the market.


Day by day, through all the happiness and difficulties that she had experienced during the journey, she became a storyteller. The stories she told were spread by those traveling Caravans, retold by the people huddled around the campfire, translated by the singing birds, and resonated with the ocean waves...


This is a little girl living in everyone's soul, she is the psyche of storyteller. She is deep within us, yet most of time she is just a "sleeping beauty" -- she is only awake when we slow down in the real life.


It is during such amazing moments, Sunny is able to stay far away from the hustle and bustle, take a deep breath, then walk into her soul garden, and visit this little girl secretly. Their conversations often inspired Sunny to create stories through various mediums -- painting, manga, illustrations, etc.,


Sunny even built a little cottage in her soul garden to hang out with this little girl as well as to have fun with visitors. Sunny calls this two-stores cottage a ''Sanctuary''. At the moment, there are only two rooms open to the public:


Attic -- The attic is a lovely place for Sunny to store many of her creations. She also divided the attic into several mini-sections to help the visitors find her works easily.


Wabi-Sabi Room -- This is a living room, also a healing room, for the visitors to have a cuppa, but be careful as this healing room is a magical space, visitors might be teleported to somewhere mysterious…